This website offers my tribute to the greatest pundit – Stephen Colbert. His TV credits identified him as The Reverend Sir Dr. Stephen T. Mos Def Colbert, DFA, Heavyweight Champion of the World**. Even more titles were added later in the show’s history.

Stephen's award winning TV show The Colbert Report was a joy to watch, and an essential source of fact-free opinion. On Stephen's show, the only opinion that mattered was Stephen's.

I am Franklin Neubauer, a fan of Stephen's and consultant in energy planning and investment research. I was particularly inspired by Stephen before his 2010 rally in Washington D.C. I saw his talent for one-upmanship, and that he often beat well known pundits at their specialties. Being inspired, I wrote a brief ode comparing Stephen to prominent rivals.You can get the poem at this site and related art I commissioned, along with merchandise.

Pundits typically generate a lot of "heat", but not light, aiming to score political points with no accountability and chasing ad revenue. Stephen Colbert managed to generate heat, light, humor, and ad revenue, all while sporting the biggest balls possible.

Visitors who are unfamiliar with Stephen's exploits are encouraged to see Colbert Nation, the show's official website run by Comedy Central, and Colbert News Hub, a fan website with up close, wide ranging coverage of Stephen Colbert.

My poem makes the case that Stephen exceeded all rivals to the title of Greatest Pundit. The Latin translation of The Greatest Pundit, Pundit Maximus, was chosen to fit Stephen Colbert. Occasionally, the Pope has used the Latin title Pontifex Maximus. In deference to Stephen's faith as a devout Catholic I changed the introduction to my poem to recognize the Pope's claim to Pontifex Maximus, an ancient title. I am happy to propose a title, comparable to the Pope’s, that conveys Stephen Colbert's preeminence as a pundit.

I would like to share some concerns about U.S. energy efficiency and my background in electric power planning with visitors to the web site. I hope this will prompt interest from individuals and organizations (state agencies, energy service providers, and other stakeholders) pursuing clean energy goals at the state and regional level.

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