A history of ploys at fan’s expense

1/20/17 – On July 28, 2016, Stephen’s show announced – very seriously – that “The character of Stephen Colbert, host of The Colbert Report, will never be seen again.” Last night’s broadcast showed how little his words (werds) are worth now.

Not an apology or making things right

6/28/16 – I am disappointed by what I’ve seen from TV today. The website will remain in operation.

Most items were removed from the Redbubble store.

7/29/15 – Stop by Redbubble to see what’s available now.

The energy page is private. Up-to-date content was moved to a new website.

1/11/15 – Access is available by request. Please visit my new website at Core Metrics.

President Obama was Stephen’s guest on the show on December 8.

12/29/14 -When pressed by Stephen, President Obama agreed that Stephen Colbert is “the greatest pundit”. That moment never aired during the show’s existence! Can you imagine his show not using that recording! That was Stephen demonstrating he could reverse engineer a phrase he’s known about since 2010. It was also a heavy-handed deterrent…

A monumental guest list for the finale, as Stephen cheats death and kills the Grim Reaper

12/19/14 – Stephen is a remarkable talent, with great writers and other staff. I spotted many articles commemorating the show and Stephen’s character. It’s been quite a ride, though casual viewers don’t know nearly as much as dedicated fans.

Men in business suits have summoned Grimmy, the Grim Reaper.

11/25/14 -How many TV series have died due to self-inflicted legal strategies? They started getting rid of physical assets in October (or earlier), when the show held a garage sale of props and collectibles. The raffle for charity, announced in December, was a thoughtful way to dispose of property.

Summing up recent revisions

9/30/14 -I revised the home page, the energy page, the poem page and temporarily revised the poem download and preview images.

Congratulations for a repeat Emmy victory

8/25/14 – Kudos to the writers and the show. Best variety and topical humor on TV.

The energy page was rewritten due to EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

7/13/14 – The EPA’s new proposal gives states remarkable flexibility in developing individualized plans to cut carbon pollution by 30% from 2005 levels. This development required a thorough rewrite.

Another entertaining and informative episode that dealt with poetry and seeing the future

5/1/14 – Today’s guest on The Colbert Report, Saul Williams, who is currently appearing on Broadway, introduced viewers to the poetry slam. With Stephen’s segment on the Malaysian plane (using his Magic 8 Ball and chicken entrails to see the future), he repeats a theme that originated in January 2011. The January 19 episode had the Magic 8 Ball. The January 27 episode had Prof. Daryl Bem as a guest. So began a new period in The Colbert Report.

Stephen will be David Letterman’s successor.

4/11/14 – Sudden news about Stephen’s career move

Stephen’s Emmy victory

9/23/13 – Congratulations to everyone at The Colbert Report for the long overdue, best variety show Emmy award. And congratulations to the show’s writers for their repeat win. Stephen Colbert is the greatest, as I’ve been pointing out since 2010.

I changed the method for file downloads.

5/15/13 – The old plugin had several advantages, but it was broken. Today, I have a new plugin.

A rare treat – I attended a taping of The Colbert Report (guest: Dr. Michio Kaku).

2/26/13 – I was in the audience and got to interact with Stephen briefly during the Q&A session! That day Stephen was in top form, and the writing and visuals were excellent. My favorite lines were “One Pope over the Line” and “Think Locally, Bomb Globally”. Stephen included jokes with a lot of obscure Catholic terminology in the first installment of Popewatch 2013, so it was a fun learning experience. I was very glad to meet other Stephen Colbert fans before the show.

News that Pope Benedict will resign

2/11/13 – Momentous news from the Vatican today. Minor changes to the home page and poem page.

Revisions to the poem page and energy page

1/21/13 – On Inauguration Day, I decided to add clarifications to two pages.

Access to both websites

12/17/12 – Redbubble store has been closed while Stephen is under consideration for a seat on the Senate. Steps were taken to fix the listings on search engines.

Viewing this website

12/8/12 – Edits to the Energy page allowed the site to open late today for initial feedback. Recommended browsers are Internet Explorer and Chrome.

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